Power the Pedal for People

Pedal powered machines from Guatemala


Over 100,000 families in Guatemala lack clean water. Electricity remains a distant dream or expensive luxury.  Malnutrition effects 30% of children. Farm families live on about $ 5.50 per day and many children perform manual labor instead of attending school. Some attempt dangerous migration seeking farm work.     

Maya Pedal provides solutions

Maya Pedal machines reduces labor using easy-to-maintain appropriate technology of bicycles. Many machines have been in operation for over a decade.

Our funding program, Power the Pedal for People, is simple. Local staff or our partners in remote areas assess needs.  Neighborhoods , families, and communities are Identified and interviewed. Ability to pay * is determined and a project is then entered in Power the Pedal for People. We post photographs of the project, the location, the families, and identify the machines needed. The giving opportunity is then presented to a donor family, a church, a bike shop, a club, a youth group etc. Maya Pedal then produces the machines, usually within 3 months of funding and  w and update the website with photographs of completed projects. Average cost of a machine is $ 225.We limit most projects to two machines. Therefore for $ 450 a project is funded and people’s lives are changed.  

If your organization or family wishes to Power the Pedal for a community please drop us to line. We’ll connect you with a real people-to-people opportunity to change lives. Usually a project is completed within three months. If you would like to visit the incredibly diverse and beautiful country of Guatemala to tourist and volunteer at Maya Pedal, let us know. We guarantee that experience will change your life. 

In 2017 Maya Pedal constructed 60 houses in eight impoverished neighborhoods of Itzapa. The 2018 goal for Maya Pedal is to provide clean water. for each of the eight neighborhoods.  Each neighborhood receives Maya Pedal bicycle water pump, which draws up to 35 meters deep, and a Maya Pedal water filter. 

Below you can find information about the individual neighborhoods.


*Maya Pedal believes people are empowered by ownership of their machines.  Therefore we require some financial stake in most projects, no matter how modest.