Pedal powered machines from Guatemala

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About us:

Maya Pedal since 2001 is a Guatemala registered owned and managed NGO. Originally assisted in 1998 by Canadian organization PEDAL, Maya Pedal now has 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing bicycle machines, (bici maquinas) for many applications. We are located in the friendly, authentic, working in the town of San Andres Itzapa, which is 75% Kaqchikel, Maya.

Our work teaches and supports increased productivity for raising family income through use of appropriate technology- bicycle machines.

Maya Pedal provides facilites and is closely associated with several local improvement organizations and groups such as Rise Up, Let Girls Lead, which provides training in advocacy and human rights leading to economic empowerment and related projects for women and girls. Let Girls Lead also addresses the topic of garbage litter and environmental education through participating in the campaigns Clean Guatemala.  Our partner group Agrapto, a women owned co-op produces and sells “typical”, (native plant based) shampoos with the help of Maya Pedal machines, and Agrapto manufactures and sells fabric products, which augment the basic family agrarian based income.

Maya Pedal in 2017 constructed basic housing for 60 impoverished families in numerous locations in the vicinity of San Andres Itzapa. In 2018 our primary housing related effort is to provide clean water for families, (please see tab Pedal Power for People).  Projects located in more remote locations are facilitated by our partners, FAO in Chiquimula, ADAWA in Quiche and Alta Verapaz.  Click on links for more information about our regional partners.  

Hostel Maya is now open to make full use of our new volunteer quarters. Visitors and volunteers from around the world gather for interesting conversation and stimulating work. See tab for information.

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